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The No Cube Zone

Feb 28, 2020

In Episode 003 of the No Cube Zone, Rippee takes us through his trip to the only Board Game Cafe in Southern Missouri. The Cubes vs Miniatures debate rears it's ugly head AGAIN. We finish out the episode with a discussion on Disney's Villainous!

Rippee's Board Game Date - 0:41
No Cube Zone Introduction - 10:55
The Great...

Feb 14, 2020

In Episode 002 of The No Cube Zone, Jordan starts probably one of the most ridiculous debates of all time. And clearly everyone will take MY side (Coniff). Rippee asks some collection questions and we discuss the greatest Ameritrash game of all time: Wiz-War.

Intro Banter - 0:41
Introductions - 2:54
AtBCon Recap Final...