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The No Cube Zone

Oct 9, 2020

In Episode Nineteen of THE NO CUBE ZONNNNNNE... your hosts Coniff, Rippee and Jordan discuss if mechanisms can be inherently Euro or Ameritrash, talk Joe Pilkus' newly launched Professors Lab, the 7th Citadel kickstarter campaign, and finally round out the episode with a discussion on Wasteland Express Delivery Service.

Intro banter - 0:41
Euro vs Ameritrash Mechanisms? - 2:45
Professors Lab! - 11:10
Whatcha been up to? - 16:23
First Review Copy: Guild Master (more discussion to come) - 25:48
Board Game Showcase: Wasteland Express Delivery Service - 36:22
1 Star ratings! - 1:08:14
Next Game? - 1:16:20

Joe "The Professor" Pilkus -

Flip Florey's Super Saturday Board Game Serial -

7th Citadel Kickstarter -

Wisdom For Wizards Community -