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The No Cube Zone

Jul 31, 2020

In Episode 014 of The No Cube Zone, your hosts discuss a recent opportunity to meet a community member, and share not only physical mail we received but also a lovely email from a listener. Finally, we round out the episode with a glowing discussion on one of the best looking board games out there: Everdell.

Intro banter - 0:41
Whatcha been playing? - 3:40
Meeting up with a Community Member - 4:40
Amilla Glistendew is OP - 10:55
MAIL CALL! - 15:20
Board Game Showcase: Everdell - 27:07
Everdell 1 star ratings on BGG! - 1:07:35
Outro stuff - 1:10:40
Next Game? - 1:12:26

Party Meeple -

Tim Chuon -

Wisdom For Wizards Community -